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The harsh truth about online advertising with Bob Hoffman

And how creativity can be the antidote to builder stronger brands.

A deep dive into the problematic state of online advertising, from its lack of effectiveness to its societal impacts.

Show notes

Creative business company

One of the biggest challenges in my own career has been trying to convince business leaders that their ‘brand’ is one of the most important assets of their company.

That’s why this episode is sponsored by Creative Business Company, a strategic consultancy on a mission to make brand more accountable and effective.

They take the lessons they’ve learned from over a decade of experience working with big brands like Morningstar, Formula E, and Shell, and adapt them to work with smaller, fast-growing companies to help them get more attention, convert leads and drive sales.

So if you’re trying to get the budget for ‘brand’, create messaging that converts, or lower your cost of acquisition, check out Creative Business Company for ideas, evidence and tools that will help you make an impact fast. 

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Let's talk branding
Let's talk branding
Discover the secrets of brand-building from world-renowned experts, and academics in marketing, branding & design together with your host Stef Hamerlinck. Let's talk branding is a no bs exploration of all things brand, known to cut through to the clutter and share unique perspectives.