Let's talk branding
Let's talk branding
How to make your brand more distinctive with Lee Rolston.
How to make your brand more distinctive with Lee Rolston.
A report into how only 15% of all brand assets are truly distinctive by Ipsos and JKR.

In this episode I talk with Lee Rolston, chief growth officer at JKR about their recent study on brand assets with Ipsos.  

“The first job of branding is to make sure your brand is recognized as uniquely and unmistakably you. Only then can brand awareness, image, consideration, preference, penetration, frequency and all conversion to purchase measures, flow. With only 15% of all brand assets tested in our report measuring as truly distinctive, it is not an exaggeration to say that the marketing industry is facing a crisis of identity. With more content and tech-enabled means of brands being distributed and targeted, there are more opportunities than ever to connect with audiences in exciting, dynamic and purchase-able ways. However, as the landscape continues to expand, we must ensure that brand assets are consistently and accurately being attributed to the correct brand to truly Be Distinctive Everywhere,” said Lee Rolston, Chief Growth Officer, JKR. 

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Let's talk branding

Let's talk branding

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