Let's talk branding
Let's talk branding
Creating captivating moments with G'day Frank
Creating captivating moments with G'day Frank
Lessons from a branding pro on strategy, branding and marketing

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Captivating Moments of Connection: Lessons from a Branding Pro

  1. A brand is not just how it looks, but a captivating moment of connection between the consumer and the business.

  2. Branding is an extension of that connection, finding clarity and how to captivate attention.

  3. Authenticity is essential for a brand to connect with consumers.

  4. Brand strategy is not the same as a mission or vision, but rather finding clarity and connection with the target market.

  5. Brand strategy involves researching the market, segmentation, targeting, positioning, and objectives.

  6. Marketing and branding strategies are the same thing, just called different names by different professionals.

  7. It's essential to listen to branding experts who have put in extensive research and time into understanding branding and marketing.

  8. Branding is a continuous journey of trial and error.

  9. The importance of distilling complex branding concepts into simple terms for clients.

  10. The evolution of branding involves being open-minded, understanding market orientation, and being willing to learn.

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Let's talk branding

Let's talk branding

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