Let's talk branding
Let's talk branding
AI, your new strategy sidekick with Julian Cole.

AI, your new strategy sidekick with Julian Cole.

Learn how to leverage AI tools in your strategy work, from the beginning to the final presentation.

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The AI summary

I asked Notion AI to summarize our podcast transcript in 10 key lessons:

  1. Use AI at the beginning and end of the strategy process, not in the middle.

  2. AI can be used to gather research and prompt ideas at the beginning of a project.

  3. Use AI for word craft at the end of a project to improve language and make it more succinct or creative.

  4. AI can help identify consumer problems and generate insights, but always cross-validate the results.

  5. AI is not a replacement for human nuance in strategy.

  6. Use AI to jailbreak prompts and get to unconventional insights.

  7. Use analogies and metaphors to make strategy more memorable and visual.

  8. Don't use AI for research validation.

  9. AI can't replace human truth-sayers or cultural context.

  10. AI language models like GPT are probabilistic and require human input and context to generate useful insights.

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Let's talk branding
Let's talk branding
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